A game and timer that make tooth-brushing the most fun part of the day for kids and parents alike. Download, play and let’s Rock the Mouth together!

Level up your tooth-brushing!

Imagine if tooth-brushing could capture as much of your kids’ time as computer and mobile games? Well now it can! Especially when you connect it to a screen as part of an exciting game. Rock the Mouth is based on the golden rule of tooth-brushing: two minutes, twice a day. The game makes it a digital experience and helps kids develop good habits at the same time as it teaches them to brush their teeth the right way.

Play Rock the Mouth

Style your band and create your own Rock the Mouth concert! But first, you’ll need to collect points so you can buy the right instruments, cool outfits and backgrounds.

Collect points in game mode

Complete challenges, avoid sugar traps and collect tooth coins! Collect points in the game to unlock new features, new outfits and effects, which make your game world and concert venues even more fun.

Brush your teeth in the concert venue

The band performs while you’re brushing your teeth! During the concert, the two-minute game acts as a timer and the tooth-brushing song helps explain how to brush your teeth correctly. The Rock the Mouth concert happens twice a day, morning and evening. You can also add the Rock the Mouth songs to your own playlist.

Listen to Rock the Mouth here>

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A new tool in the fight against tooth decay

The Swedish Dental Service is a mark of quality for Swedish public health, and through history we have changed how an entire country takes care of their teeth. In order to continue improving and be the best in the world for healthy teeth and children’s dental hygiene, we must continue to adapt and develop. That’s why the Swedish Dental Service has taken its initiative towards an innovative digital tool that inspires and motivates better tooth-brushing and creates a fun everyday routine. From “you must” to “I want to” – get ready to Rock the Mouth!

Do you want to share data with us?

When you open the app for the first time we will ask you if you want to share data with us. We will use data from the game to gather valuable insights into children’s tooth-brushing habits and not least how the game works for users. The data we collect is completely anonymous and is only used to improve our work on children’s dental hygiene and users’ in-game experiences. If you change your mind, you can easily change your preferences under settings. You also have the right to abstain entirely from sharing data from the game with us.

Read more about how we handle data and personal information here>


We are happy to answer your questions or give you more information about the game.

Ann-May Brodén
Communication Strategist
Swedish Dental Service in Värmland
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